Our service values, experience and working arrangements

We believe that people who commission our services, whether organisations or individuals, expect consultancy that is:

• collaborative
• individually-tailored
• confidential
• committed to equal opportunities and respectful of diversity
• based on principles that are service user-centred
• informed by both social work ethics and research ethics
• high quality and delivered on time

Professor Colin Whittington

Colin Whittington is Visiting Professor in the Department of Psychology, Social Work and Counselling at the University of Greenwich, UK and has been providing independent consultancy and research since 2000. His previous roles include social worker, social services team leader, university teacher, education adviser and senior manager. He was Principal... read more here

Margaret Whittington

Margaret Whittington has been providing consultancy since 2007 and has particular expertise in services for older adults, in partnership working, especially between social care and health, and in support for the voluntary sector, where she is a trustee. She has extensive experience… read more here

Working arrangements

We work on projects individually or jointly according to the expertise required and the wishes of the client. In joint work, lead responsibility and accountability are clearly specified. Mentoring arrangements are directly with one consultant alone.


We are able to call upon the expertise of trusted associates where the commissioned work would benefit and the client agrees.